Nutty Over You


I saw you in the display case.

You were fresh and soft and you smelled good. You looked good.

I salivated at the sight of you.

I reached out to touch you . . . fingers sliding over the grooves in your form.

Pieces of you protruded from your flesh, calling me to taste . . .

I inhale as I take you in my mouth. I chew.

Sweet and salty. Nutty.

I exhale deeply.

I thought I had some of the best who came before you.

But you . . . you are different from the rest.

I am addicted, and like a fiend I will seek you to satisfy my cravings always.

I love you, my sweet and salty and nutty Au Bon Pain Chunky Peanut Butter Cookie.

© 2018 Wicked-Pen


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