People I Know

• Happy people are pleasant to be around. Their attitudes are positive and infectious. Greeting a happy person each morning can set a positive tone for your day.
• Cooperative people are a pleasure to work with. They don’t care about dominating others and being in control. They only care about accomplishing the common goal, whatever it is. They are great team players, reliable and oftentimes have much to contribute.
• Charismatic people are captivating. Good at remembering names and details about people they meet, they offer their undivided attention, making those who cross their paths feel welcome and important.
• Intelligent people are impressive. And when they share knowledge with others free of concern for who gets credit for ideas, they are emulated and admired.
• Honest people have innocence about them. They see the world through eyes of hope and fairness and they believe in the credo, “treat others as you wish to be treated,” no matter how many disappointments they have experienced.
• Realists are transparent people. You know exactly where you stand with them. They say what they mean and mean what they say, and ask questions others won’t and are not afraid to hear the answers. Their ability to accept themselves whole-heartedly for their strengths and weaknesses makes them ideal friends, partners and leaders.
• Pensive people are self-reflective. They gain knowledge about themselves and the world by constantly looking within and searching for the meaning of things past and present, and things to come. They are self-starters and good at inspiring others.
• Good-hearted people are generous. Their mindset is “there is enough for everyone.” They give of themselves and their resources without expecting anything in return. If you are in need, they will help. Oftentimes, you don’t have to ask.
• Free-spirited people are fun to be around! They laugh and tell jokes, playfully mock others and tell interesting stories. Their disposition is easy going and non-conformal. They are quick to squash misunderstandings and enjoy camaraderie.
What kinds of people do you know?

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