Always Begin Again

We set goals and make provisions for our plans, but sometimes we fall short.

We envision life to follow a certain path and when it doesn’t, we may become discouraged and stop dreaming, hoping, and striving to reach our goals. Maybe we even give up because it is easier to let go rather than stay focused and muster the wherewithal to overcome obstacles that are certain to arise, testing our mettle to see if we really want what we say we want.

Remember the adage that anything worth having doesn’t come easy? Well, it’s true. We must put forth an effort and commit to see our deepest desires manifest. Otherwise, we really are just spinning our wheels.

No matter where we have come from or what we have been through, and no matter the twists and turns our lives have taken, we can always begin again.

To solve any problem or to change any circumstance, we must be willing to see it from a different perspective and adopt a new mindset to find a solution; elevate our level of consciousness, our desire to succeed and the belief in ourselves that we can have what we want. We can. We need only to begin again.

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