My Achilles Heel

Here we are in the last week of the first month of the New Year. Boy, how time flies!

I’ve thought about the things I want to accomplish this year and whether I am on track to make them happen.

Financial planning. Check. Organization. Check. Healthy diet. Check. Exercise… Exercise… Exercise… Nope. Still need to make that happen. I’ve considered working out in the mornings. Problem is that I am not a morning person. Maybe I can work out during my lunch breaks. The issue with that is I’d have to go the gym, change into my workout gear, shower after I’m done, change back into my work clothes…. Nah. That’s just too much work! Perhaps I’ll exercise in the evenings after work. I followed that schedule last year and it seemed to work well—for about two months.

I don’t understand what the problem is really, but this is the one area that I truly struggle with. The words “exercise” and “workout” automatically sends a message of resistance to my brain that impedes my ability to just do it (or at least that’s what I tell myself). I mean, I know the obvious reasons why I should exercise if I want to have overall good health, but what I am currently doing (more like not doing) isn’t working. Perhaps I need to do physical activities I like, such as Zumba, yoga, pilates or just turn on some music and dance freestyle.

I have no motivation to exercise; however, I want to look good. Imagine that. I’ve even tried approaching my Achilles heel from a vanity perspective. Can you believe even that didn’t work?!

Yeah, this exercise routine is truly one that I need to figure out. It’s still on my radar so eventually I will get around to it. I just wish eventually was right now. I have a friend who tells me, “Make it happen, man.” He’s right. I need to just make it happen. The important thing is that I do begin. And I will. I’m just not sure when.

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