Blame is an ugly thing. It is unattractive . . . a liability for anyone who seeks to better themselves and their surroundings. It clouds your judgment and incites delusion. It victimizes you and you believe that whenever something doesn’t go your way, it is someone else’s fault somehow.

However, if you look at each situation where you have felt slighted, you will find that there is a common denominator: you.
For example:

• If you have trouble getting promoted in jobs you’ve held it could be because you simply are not qualified for the position, or maybe you arrive to work late three out of five times a week, or because you gossip.
• Maybe you are several thousand dollars in debt because your credit cards are charged to the max and now your credit is ruined because after months of neglecting your bills, creditors are unwilling to work out a payment plan with you.
• Perhaps your mental and emotional capacities are stunted and you have difficulty fostering healthy relationships, and when they don’t meet your satisfaction, you find reasons to blame others instead of accepting that you should just move on.

Well-adjusted, mature adults believe that no one else is to blame for their circumstances, and they take responsibility for creating the life they desire. They give themselves permission to be themselves and don’t look to others for approval. They comprehend that the choices they make each day shape their tomorrows. They operate from a position of self-empowerment and chose how they respond to all of their experiences. They are self-aware enough to accurately identify their emotions, yet strong enough to manage them in a mature manner that promotes a healthy outlook on life.
If you are intimately familiar with that thing called “blame,” wake up and grow up. Your life is waiting.

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