Love on the Sidelines

You have been running races ever since I can remember. And I have run along the sidelines, watching and waiting for you to finish.
So many races . . .3Ks, 5Ks, and 10Ks . . . remind me of the years that have gone by.

I have waited for the weeks and the months to pass, and for the seasons to change so we can finally run the races together. I am still standing on the sidelines watching, waiting and supporting your races.

I can come off the sidelines and join the races with you at any time; I’d be happy to do so. I bought new running shoes in anticipation of this day.

Say what? I can join the races soon? You just need to finish one more lap and then you will pass the baton to me and we will be a team? Yes, I’d like that; I want to run all the races with you.
Say what? I can’t join you now, after all, because you have more laps to do and prefer to finish them alone?


But I’ve signed up for the races—I’ve got my runner’s outfit and my sun visor, and my badge reads TEAM US.

Say what? You don’t want me to race with you, but I can stand on the sidelines and watch and wait for you if I want to?


(Another season passes)

I will not watch your races from the sidelines anymore. I wanted to participate. I’ve always wanted to participate. Everyone needs someone to run the races with. I thought you said you needed and wanted me on your team.

Say what? No, I won’t be standing on the sidelines watching your races, hoping to join them any longer. I won’t wait another week, another month or another season for you to finish.
Instead, I’ll take up Zumba.

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