Are You Happy?

Recently, I celebrated my birthday. It fell on a Sunday, so as a treat to myself I took the day off work the following Monday. I woke up early as usual and I was happy to not have to follow a daily routine. Instead, I just lay in bed listening to the silence and reflecting on the past year.

As I combed through memories, I asked myself the following questions:
– Am I making the best decisions for my life?”
– How does accomplishing my goals make me feel?”
– How have I grown as a person?”
– What influence do I want to make in the lives of others?”
– When will I reach my full potential and how will it manifest?”
– Am I happy?”

Am I happy? Of all the questions, I mulled this one over in my mind the longest, as it is a precursor to the others.

Yes, I am happy. My life is significantly better than it was just five years ago, and it gets better each year. It is a cornucopia of colors and designs, and shapes and sizes. It’s alpha and numeric, spiritual and secular, divinely orchestrated and deliberately plotted. It is filled with growth from all of my discoveries, trials and triumphs.

One thing is for certain: Life is happening now.

Your life is happening now. Have you examined it lately?

As each day passes ask yourself, “Am I happy?” and if the answer isn’t yes, figure out what makes you happy, and then go for it. Take a leap of faith. Everything else will fall into place.

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