Speak Your Truth

Imagine how much you can reduce stress in your life if only you would speak your truth.  What do I mean by this?  I mean admitting to yourself reasons why you continue to behave in unproductive ways and make decisions that hinder your progress in life; speaking truth to things in your life that affect you at the core of your being and disrupts your mental, emotional and spiritual balance.  Things that make you feel stuck and cause you to make excuses like “that’s just the way things are” or “it will never change” or “I don’t know when things will change” and the all-time greatest justification, “that’s just how I am.”  These are all safe excuses that allow us to stay in our comfort zone when change is what is required.

I had the displeasure of experiencing speaking the truth in my own life recently.  It was unpleasant because I did not like this exercise, which dove deeply into the recesses of my mind and my heart.  Being the reflective person that I am, I could not help but give in to the internal pull to go inward and to see what lurked behind my self-sabotaging behaviors.  I thought about areas of my life that I want to improve, like my finances, health and time management skills.  I began by asking myself questions of why and I answered them honestly and with conviction.  After a few admissions, the questions and answers took on a life of their own.  Minutes later, I discovered that my mind felt clearer and my body felt lighter, specifically, in the areas where I tend to feel stress, like my neck and shoulders.

This turned out to be a very effective drill.  I had no idea that I would feel so enlightened and rejuvenated afterwards. The next step is to follow through on my discoveries.  Therein lies the challenge.

We all deal with some level of discomfort in our lives and we are masters at fooling ourselves.   We would like to believe others cause our dissatisfaction.  Sometimes they do, but in truth, we need to take full responsibility for our actions and our emotions.  When we are in denial, it is much easier to blame something or someone else for our missteps than to admit the truth.

You alone are responsible for the quality of your life.  Speak your truth and begin living a less stressful, more productive life today!

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