• it is just as important to forgive yourself as it is to forgive others
• you only control your thoughts. Be mindful of where you focus your attention
• the words “I’m sorry” can heal hurt, if spoken sincerely
• a good cry relieves stress
• it’s ok to want what you want for your life. Dream big. Avoid naysayers
• you are blessed if you have the capacity to give and receive love
• you feel happy when you are happy for others
• revealing your true self is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength
• embracing imperfections lead to self-acceptance
• you create your experiences
• changing your perception can change your life
• healthy self-esteem starts from within
• family and true friendships are important. Cherish both
• your first true love experience never leaves you
• soul mates exist
• sometimes missed opportunities are blessings in disguise
• we all learn from each other
• always speak the truth, no matter how painful
• you get what you give
• settling for something you don’t want will eventually make you unhappy
• it’s ok to feel afraid, but move forward courageously
• holding on to past experiences will keep you stuck in the past
• true love exists, but does not always yield a union
• idle promises are like lies
• you cannot measure love, but you can feel its depth
• never, never give up
• anything worth having is worth fighting for
• the kindness of strangers is blissful
• share your life with people worthy to be in it
• anything is possible. Dwell in possibility

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