Remnants of Love

The following exchange is between former lovers
who notice each other in passing on the street after a period of separation.

Woman:  “Hey, how are you?! It’s nice to see you. How long has it been since we’ve seen each other? Seems like forever.”

Man:  “It hasn’t been that long, but you are right, it does seem like forever.”

Woman:  “I have thought of you often and hoped that you were doing well. How have you been? How’s your family?”

Man:  “Same here. My family’s fine. And yours?”

Woman:  “Everybody is fine; doing well.”

Both:  (Frozen smiles and eager stares)

Man:  “How’s that project you were working on, you know.…”

Woman:  “Oh, that. It’s going well. I am just so excited about all that has happened in just a few months.”

Man:  “I’m glad to hear that. (Pause) I’ve always believed in you.”

Woman:  “Yes, I know; thank you. How about you? How did things turn out with that gig you were interested in?”

Man:  “I never heard back. Things are ok where I am right now, but I am still keeping my options open.”

Woman:  “Ok….”

(Awkward silence. Both stare at each other with the guise of a Cool Pose)

Woman:  (Looks away, then at man again) “Well, it was nice seeing you again.”

Man:  “Likewise. I’m sure our paths will cross again.”

Woman:  (Flashes a smile) “That would be nice. I miss my friend.”

Man:  (Smiles) “Ditto.”

Both:  (Walk away in opposite directions.)

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