A Dream Deferred

I am dreaming. . . .

Scene One: Backdrop is the sunset on a warm summer’s night You and I walk hand in hand, speaking softly to each other I lean in to hear your voice and laughter, to feel your breath on my skin I am in heaven.

Scene Two: You and I are in a room So cozy it feels like the world belongs to us only I see my hopes and dreams in your eyes Your hopes and dreams are reflected in my eyes, too They are the same, our hopes and dreams We smile and share a kiss.

Scene Three: Backdrop is unknown My subconscious mind thithers between a dream and reality I struggle to stay asleep, to hold on to the dream My eyes open.

No, no!  This cannot be . . . . It is.

I am dreaming . . . .

Scene One: Backdrop is . . .

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