Possibilities Await You

I am hypnotized by my Possibility;
Enthralled by what may be.
I inhale every thought of my Possibility;
Drape them all over me like a second skin.
I remain in allegiance to my Possibility.
Oh, how excited I will be when you arrive, my Possibility!
I am here. Right here! Tell me that you notice me.
Tell me that . . . you are . . . possible for me.

Time passes.

My wonderful, magnificent and glorious Possibility.
I am captivated by your mystique still.

Time passes.

My vision is hazy;
I hear my name in the distance.
Someone is calling my name.
“Who is there? What do you want?!”
I listen and hear a voice from deep within.
“Possibilities await you. Be open. Be bold.
It is time to change your course. Let go of the Possibility
you planned so you can have the Possibilities that await you.”
I strain to hear the voice inside;
I must keep it as my guide.
I hear! I hear the voice inside!
I embrace my Possibilities.

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