Today Was A Good Day

Today was a good day.

I awoke this morning after pressing the snooze button only once instead of three times. I showered, styled my hair, ironed my clothes, dressed and left for work.

Arrived at the Metra station well before 7:39 a.m., at which time the train arrives to transport passengers from the south suburbs to the metropolitan area.

Yep. Today was a good day.

I was scheduled to work only until noon and I had only one hot project that I needed to get done before I left the office. Piece of cake.

My daughter caught the Metra train downtown to meet me for lunch. We lunched at Houlihan’s. She had a Caesar Salad and a Buffalo Chicken Finger Platter. I had a cup of French Potato Soup and a Blackened Chicken Sandwich. Very tasty.

Later on, the property manager who lives in my building came by, as did the owner and his son-in law who is a handy man that typically manages building repairs. These gentlemen came by my humble abode because I had written a letter to the landlord concerning items in the apartment that needed to be fixed, modified or replaced.

The letter was well received and the fixing, modifying and replacing of items is in progress!

Today was a good day.

It’s late evening now. And as my daughter watches TV, and as I work on a writing project, I think about how little things like getting to work on time, finishing that hot work project and having a nice lunch with someone you care about means so much, and how the power of the pen is king when you address something you believe in and expect results.

Yeah. Today was a good day. I am looking forward to tomorrow.

How was your day?

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