Something More

As a youngster I remember wanting many things: toys, birthday parties, clothes, shoes, jewelry, money, etc.  I did not always get everything I wanted.  My parents were not rich, so us kids—four boys and two girls—did not grow up with a lot of extras, but our basic needs were always met.  My parents always made sure we had a well-kept home, plenty of food, clean clothes and lots of love.

I operated in the mindset of wanting more stuff for years.  It didn’t matter what the stuff was.  Having two or more of everything I owned made me feel fulfilled.  (There is nothing wrong with having more than one of any item, unless you cannot afford it, and when only one item will do.)

The older I become, I realize that my more does not consist of things like clothes, shoes, cars, money, etc.  Of course, I want to wear the clothes I like, drive the car I like and earn enough money to live comfortably.  But what I realize (thank goodness!) is that stuff does not fulfill me.  Now, my more is to be the best person I can be, to love deeply and unabashedly, to conquer my fears and to nurture my spirit.

Wes Hopper is the author of Daily Gratitude ( and a motivational speaker whose mission is to positively influence the lives of others.  In a recent post, Wes talked about the stuff we accumulate and how, at our core, it may represent an emotional void that we need to resolve.  Visit his website.  I promise you will find something more.

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