Your Power

Everyone has power.  We are all born with it.  I don’t mean the kind of power that comes from having wealth or using the art of persuasion to influence people, or even displays of physical brawn.  I mean the power to choose what you want in life.

Great motivational speakers (Zig Ziglar, Anthony Robbins, Les Brown) and spiritual teachers (Gary Zukav, Titch Naht Hanh, Deepak Chopra) speak of this power often in their works.  This power is described as the authentic self, intuition, spirit and the soul.  Interestingly enough, there are people who consciously choose not to use their power.

As children, our parents or other trusted adults made choices for us given our limited experience and maturation.  Some of us grew up with a knowledge grounded in our power to choose, and some of us did not.  However, all is not lost.  We can learn to become empowered to make choices for ourselves on our own.

Every day we are faced with situations we have to make decisions about and they are oftentimes framed as questions ranging from simple to complex:  Should I wear the blue shirt or the brown one?  Must I save more money than I spend?  How do I manage my career?  Do I want to get married?  And so on.

Get into the habit of asking yourself questions about what matters to you.  Take the first step to begin designing the kind of life you want to live.  Take calculated risks.  Playing it safe keeps you stagnate.  Loosen your grip on the safety net enough to experience new things.

When you make your own choices for your life, you have only yourself to answer to.  You may make some poor choices along the way, and you may make some great choices, too.  No matter, they are your choices.

Choices give you freedom.  Freedom gives you power.  Choose.

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