A Beautiful Sight

Looking back four years ago, I could not envision a sight as beautiful as the one I saw tonight.

Midway through your high school years, you and I chatted about this day. We wondered about the style and color of your dress and the length your heels would be, as well as who would be the lucky young man on your arm that night because, yes, he is truly lucky to be on a date with you.

Fast forward two years to the eve of the big night. Last minute shopping proves to be effortless as we find everything we need to complete your look, and I have to say you did it all yourself. I was just a bystander basking in the recognition of your impeccable taste.

The big day arrives and it’s time to get all dressed up. No worries for you; you’ve got everything—and everyone—at your disposal.

After getting dressed you make your entrance into the room for everyone to see. You look lovely. We all begin to reminisce of days long ago when you were just a small wide-eyed child. Today, you are a beautiful young woman of grace and poise.

Your date arrives and we all gather round wearing smiles bright enough to light the earth forever. The asphalt becomes the red carpet, and we become the paparazzi as we focus our camera lenses on you and your beau.

(Click) Nice. (Click, click) Beautiful. (Click, click)… (Click, click)… (Click, click)… (Click, click, click)

The limo door opens. You dip inside. We wave goodbye and you are off to the prom.

Such a beautiful sight.

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